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    THE BIG SICKS: The Horrible Half Dozen


    An abbreviated essay by That Rascal Poof:
    Presently and introductorily addressing the ever present, post and forum bashers and trashers who flourish globally, on and off the net, as sincere persons everywhere, are altogether aware, though, few such persons care to allow such elements to squander more valuable time and energy. On the other hand, no problem can approach an effective and lasting resolution, when surrounded by a policy of well or ill intended aloofness, denial, underestimation or misunderstanding.

    Editors, Doctors, Police, Military, Fireman make a career of 'dwelling on the negative'. In order that the - whatever - 'negative' may be understood and consequently minimized, if not altogether extirpated. It is understood that some Editors, Doctors, Police, Mlitary, Firepersons, etceteras, are infrequently found to be the sources of the negative, but, these examples are, by far, the exception, and not the rule that is being addressed here.

    Conclusion: No real - especially ubiquitous - problem can or will be resolved, when surrounded by a general policy of denial, underestimation and/or misunderstanding. Such a problem will, as a rule, only become worse. Hence the requirement of addressing and studying the causes, effects and available remedies for given problems and their patterns, that they may be effectively resolved.


    Based on the premise that most of the world's most prominent and repetitive problems are promulgated in one, or a combination, of six major ingredients:

    1) Money.
    2) Race.
    3) Religion.
    4) Sex.
    5) Brute Force & Intimidation, and,
    6) the need or want for - and pursuit of - unqualified love, attention and/or social recogniton.

    The two most common methods of fulfilling 6) is achieved through the immediate reward and gratification of a feeling of power, often acted out - and drawing like responses - instantly, in verbal or physical acts of destruction; bringing immediate attention and recognition, including unqualfied love (which is a form of caring, even when it is contempt or hatred).

    A mass, random murderer or pair of murderers, or group of same, for example, receives immediate attention and excitement even before apprehended, - in the extreme stimulation of seeing, hearing and reading of his, her or their destructive acts, in the interim of, if and when they are apprehended.

    The goals of attention are immediately fulfilled, even when the identity of the offender is undetermined - very exciting. Attention of this qualification also equates with social recognition, which, again, even when the identity of the wrongdoer is unknown, is - however demonically stimulating and exciting - a nefarious source of power fulfillment and satisfaction in itself.

    The need for further recognition is often revealed in an unapprehended capital criminal's not uncommon taunting of law enforcement officials and the public at large. Stimulated by the attention, but not entirely satisfied, due to only a qualified recognition, which, until such a pathological subject is identified, remains without complete satisfaction. This is often correctly referred to as what law enforcement and other specialists refer to as, 'the will and need to be brought to justice ('get caught; reveal themselves').

    This yearning to be fully recognized and 'accredited' for what all the - whatever - publicity and controversy is about, sometimes leads to the undoing - the identification and apprehension (which is a form of 'caring') - of the 6) profiled, most common generator of serious social and legal problems.

    The 6) profiled offender is generally the most common, due to what this record calls, 'the expediency of destruction'. That is, in an effort to fulfill my (often denied) biological imperative for recognition, attention and unqualified love (care), the fulfillment of need or want for recognition, attention and unqualified love (caring, even as a prisoner or villain), can be most promptly acquired, via the acting out of violence, destruction, or the threat of violence or destruction. Foregrounding the immediate reward at the immediate moment. Instant gratification.

    A different kind of - constructive rather than destructive - personal character and morality, will pursue attention, recognition and unqualfied love, via a disciplined series of long term behaviors and ways of life, which tend to lead, to one degree or other of satisfying the biological imperatives for recognition, attention and unqualified love (caring).

    These observations of key sources and motives of constructive and destructive human aggression are fairly familiar, either through deliberate study of such dynamics, or inadvertant if not vocabularized obsevational and intuitive observations of them. Contingent biological imperatives have many academic categories and names, one of which was identified by Friedrich Nietzche, as, THE WILL TO POWER.

    It is not inherently a negative characteristic, simply depending on how a given individual, group, or society chooses - or is led - fo satisfy that will - constructively, or destructively. While it is to be kept in mind, that what may take hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries or millennia to construct, may be destroyed in a matter of moments... (The Expediency of Destruction - it is easier to destroy, harm or maim, than it is to construct, heal or reconstruct...)

    On the other hand, in these considerations, what is not well recognized at all, is the most difficult and volatile component of the above considered - Big Sicks, Horrible Half Dozen - ingredients, that additional problem being the common place denial, underestimation or misunderstanding of the above listed facts relating to the most common sources of conflict among human beings.

    Consider these commonplace denials:

    "I don't want or need - 'am not hung up about' - money.

    "I am not hung up or disgruntled by racial issues. I'm color blind."

    "I am not troubled by, or bias about religion."

    "I am not hung up about sex."

    "I am not frightened by brute force or intimidation."

    "I am not looking for attention, recognition or unqualfied love (caring)."

    These commonplace denials of these universal needs, wants (and inescapably induced 'hang-ups' imposed on the American or European individual who cannot elude the social influences upon him which he vigorously denys) confluence in what there are several terms for, one such term being 'gridlock'. Another such term being 'double-talk', or, more recently, Orwellean 'NewSpeak', or 'DoubleThink'.

    In diagrammatic considerations, these self contradictory standards are definable a 'two parallel lines, in mutual conflict, to infinity'. The definition for Orwelllean 'Doublthink'. Refer, 'Crazymaking'. Gridlock, squared:

    There is no 'they'.
    If there is a 'they', they aren't doing it.
    If they're doing it, they're not doing it on purpose.
    If they're doing it on purpose, they're only doing it for the money.
    If they're doing it for the money, there's nothing you can do about it.
    Nobody cares.
    There's nothing you can do about it.
    And, one more thing: I am not into denial.

    A call to surrender and impotence. An abandonment of integrity.

    A problem - or series of combinations of problems, which are foreordained only to worsen, until if and when the popular denial of the prevailing structure of problems is acknowledged and compensated for, accordingly.

    Although there is much more to the considerations of this abbreviated essay, may it suffice for the moment to say that it's parameters include, for better and worse, most every incumbent problem - or potential solution - in the socio-political, legal and ethical human experience.

    Thank you for reading this missive.

    Constructive criticism, commentary or contributions welcome.

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