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Thread: Anyone know what happened to 'Starlite' paint?

  1. #1 Anyone know what happened to 'Starlite' paint? 
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    About ten years ago a paint with unprecedented qualities of insulation was widely spoken of and demonstrated within the mass media of the United States. The entire nation was educated to the existence and qualitites of an insular paint like material, one coat of which insulated an egg from a blowtorch, preventing the egg from being cooked or otherwise effected by the intense heat. Similar demonstrations were widely publicized. It was about a substance called 'Starlight paint' - having unprecedented insular qualities. A pine board became impermeable to sustained intense heat, etceteras...

    This public information was wide open for about a year, maybe two, about ten years ago. This record says with confidence that tens of millions of newspaper readers and TV watchers know the above paragraph to be true.

    QUESTION: What happend to the formerly wide open media informing the public of 'starlite' paint? The formerly hot topic fell off the pages and out of the tubes of every newspaper, magazine and TV set known to this record. Suddenly it's a 'non-issue'. (Way too suddenly?) W'out explanation.

    As a physics buff, it immediately occurred to me that starlite paint - thick walls of it - might well be the answer to the containment problem relative to the high temperatures involved in the fusion process.

    It also occurred to this record that the fissile nuclear power and petroleum energy people may have snuffed the story out of circulation, along with the substance at issue. Right away we're forsaking generally inflammable housing and construction materials. Pyromanaics and insurance companies would lose a lot of business, for example.

    Request more information on this dilemma apparent. It looked to me like the silver bullet the fusion people are in search of, though I did not hear anyone suggest it as a potential answer to the containment problem in fusion? Why is that? What happened to Starlite Paint? I have not seen or heard of it since about ten years ago, when it was suddenly the rage. It disappeared just as abruptly.

    Didn't hear any suggestions or talk about its value as a potential solution to the main obstacle in fusion, but I certainly did think of it as soon as I learned of starlite paint and I expected a flood of controversy that never occurred.

    The entire issue mistappeared. Might someone tell me where I've gone wrong here, or is it a bigger issue than anyone cares to address (anymore). Like, maybe it's dangerous to talk about. Perhaps starlite paint was found to be unstable under public controversy, especially in the proximity of the fusion confusion. (Just asking?)
    Thank you for reading this missive.
    - That Rascal Poof
    Gravity, Electricity & Magnetism are the 4th, 5th & 6th Dimensions. The Non-mathematical Reinstatement of Einstein's Presently Abandoned Unified Field - Steady State -Theory. The Big Bang Theory Is Wrong. Entropic Heat Death Is A Myth.

    Lafiel wrote:

    Never heard that.
    The demonstration was bias because there was no second normal egg that has been under a flame at the same time. You know eggs are hard to cook.
    He could have used paper instead of another egg which catch fire at 400C while eggs hardens at 80C. Anyway, it's likely a fake.
    Conditions for withstanding temperature are either a high energy capacity of the material or high rate of emittance of energy. Energy can't just disappear.
    Both have limits physically so there is no such thing as invulnerable.
    (Just because you think the paranoids are after you, doesn't mean the paranoids aren't after you)

    Lafiel: Clearly, your post is diversion, digression and denial. Starlite paint was out to the public in all major media and tested extensively (never mind 'the demonstration', and 'he' in the singular) by many scientists under diverse conditions. It did what was said about it, and is what is said it is.
    The best explanation for your 'fake' alleging response may be that it's in continuity with the cover-up at issue here. It is not starlite paint that lacks credibility, until further notice, it is you and your pretentious allusions to an internationally known and tested material, as though it was promoted by David Copperfield.

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    I figure someone bought him out, paid him off. Shut him up.

    I remember the stuff.

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