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    I am highly ignorant of cosmology and physics; thus, the following idea should be considered a whimsical topic for my first post to the forum; however, it is (I think) an intriguing one.

    From the initial singularity, the universe expanded spatially in every direction. Why do we limit such symmetrical expansion to space (do we)? Why wouldn't time also expand from a singularity in both directions, thus creating an existence of the singularity before the instant of expansion and furthering the existence of the universe in both directions? This serves to make something exist before the point of expansion.

    I have heard that subatomic particles can appear ex nihilo, so this idea might be entirely unnecessary.

    Anyhow, I may as well include a short introduction:

    Hello there, everyone. Six syllables; how nice. How long will this go on. How about six short lines. What nonsense this all is. Good thing it's only six.

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