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Thread: Are people allowed to fight for other countries without citizenship?

  1. #1 Are people allowed to fight for other countries without citizenship? 
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    Lets say i fell in love with a country and their culture and wanted to help them fight directly in case of war, would they allow it without citizenship if you have military training? Are there international rules when it comes to this?

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    I cannot say for other countries but in France, there is the Foreign Legion for that. You enter or rather you are selected in the Foreign Legion. You can chose your identity and another country but after 3 years, you will get the french citizenship and you will have to drop the fake identity.
    The selection is tough not only because of physical test but mainly because of mentally. I think only 15-20% are selected.

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    We have quite a few Soldiers in the US Army who aren't American Citizens.
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    As a general rule, it depends how desperate the country is. If the situation is dire, they will take any warm bodies willing to fight. In peacetime, the situation will be different.
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    The conditions for entry should be listed on the website of the military organisation you wish to join, failing that a recruitment centre would be the ideal place to ask such questions. They may waive citizenship requirements depending on the status of your residency in the country and previous military experience is probably highly regarded, if there's a number of positions to be filled.
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