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Thread: Is using cherry instead of olives a sacrilage when it comes to making a dirty martini?

  1. #1 Is using cherry instead of olives a sacrilage when it comes to making a dirty martini? 
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    Im wondering cause i hate olives Would making a dirty martini like this be considered "madness" or tasteless in a social setting/party?

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    If you are the one making a martini, make it the way you prefer. In matters of taste, whether food, wine or martinis, there are no right and wrong rules. The only rule is that everyone is different, and whatever is right for you is right.

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    There is a saying in Dutch that roughly translates as "there has never been a cook who could cook one (and the same) meal for every mouth"
    Meaning that everyone likes something different and dislikes something different. If you like your Martini without olives, then go for it! I eat my sausages with vanilla yoghurt which everyone seems to find weird too.
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