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Thread: An e-petition to "teach evolution, not creationism" - change the national curriculum in the UK.

  1. #1 An e-petition to "teach evolution, not creationism" - change the national curriculum in the UK. 
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    Hello all,

    Teach evolution, not creationism - e-petitions

    This is a link to a UK government website that facilitates e-petitions. If they get over 100,000 names then it's considered in the house of commons. I believe a few have been effective in the past so it isn't a total waste of time. The petition is to:

    ...make clear that creationism and ‘intelligent design’ are not scientific theories and to prevent them from being taught as such in publicly-funded schools, including in ‘faith’ schools, religious Academies and religious Free Schools. At the same time, we want the Government to make the teaching of evolution in mandatory in all publicly-funded schools, at both primary and secondary level.
    I did not make the petition. There's been around 2,000 new members today after Stephen Fry posted it on twitter so it should exceed the 100,000 mark before the deadline. I'm also not entirely sure what the rules are for residents outside the UK...



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    You are in violation of this forum's prohibition on advertising.
    We'll let this one stand for new because it's consistent with our philosophy advocating science, but don't make this a habit.


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