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Thread: I'm Leaving What should I do With?

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    There are times without emotions that I look around and people are racing around to get things done so quickly that it seems that they want to off load their poccessions, spend their money, sell their houses and become extict. When i say extict perhaps that's because the upper knowledge of how we are to leave this world is mistaken perhaps we have already left and are scooting around to keep the past earth moving as a soul for the sake of the ones that are still there. It's not a serious issue, more a vision of what i notice when i walk around. So, if a message arrives that one day we should all leave this world together where and what would happen to our poccessions and money ect. I have to mention that been unemployed at various stages of this motion in human society that I have noticed what may come in the future. What about our treasured planet and those wonders of the world that enlighten our beliefs? are there better places that entire our views as to how much better other places away from this earth can be?

    We see amazing views from out space that shows amazing planatary structures and the masses that surround those planets show how beautiful this that planat could be in the future or has already been something amazing that it has been hidden from our views for the future of the new universal society?

    Imagine passing through the universe and seeing the planets perhaps how they were millions or billions of years ago and those sites were so overwhelming beautiful that we are supposed to be shown them in small quantities of time.

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