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    We seem to have lost several members who had a pretty good grasp of their science subjects and that is worrying. These individuals did not appear to be the types who would walk away, in the huff, over some minor sleight, but I have to say I do feel they might have stayed, a bit longer, until things settled down.
    Am I missing something? What has changed so radically? I am simply an interested layperson without technical expertise in the sciences.
    Is it simply that certain individuals believe that more drivel will be tolerated in sub forums of TSF?

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    I think we lost a lot of posters and watchers as a result of the long transition process after the server migration, and then the resulting ruckus of the few days after the software upgrade.

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    For the most part the members who have left did give some indication of why they were leaving. You have seen the threads in question. They felt that the tone of the forum was being changed by the new rules and guidelines and that their ability to be frank with other members was going to be affected. They also thought there was going to be more tolerance for forum crackpots. In fact, no one has been disciplined for violation of the forum gudelines regarding respectful attitude to other users, and the moderation will continue essentially as before the change in ownership.

    Some members were concerned about the direction the forum would take, and felt that the new administrators had not adequately informed the members of their plans and visions for the forum. We trust that our actions will speak louder than words and that the forum will be better than ever.
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