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    okay, cause i am now trying to apply for universities, and i am applying for mathematics. there are 5 in my mind, and i hope someone in this forum is experienced enough to tell me some info. on applying my field to the universities. Now everyone in my grade, and the teachers(except for my maths professor) says i am mad for applying in maths, and no one has particular knowledge on applying to which uni. for mathematics as no one in my school has ver applied for maths before. My maths teacher says apply for cambridge and warwick, but i want some more wider views.

    3.Imperial college of london of british colombia
    5.University of warwick

    I would appreciate your feedback.


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    I'd say go for Oxford University instead of Cambridge- as it is slightly better with the sciences and maths subjects, as far as I'm aware.

    UCL and ICL are very good choices too, however (as with Ox/Bridge) they are incredibly difficult to get in to- they're quite snobby and/or very elitist.

    Warwick is also a brillant choice- depending upon whether you prefer campus life or city life however (as Warwick Uni is a compact campus university).

    Have you considered- Manchester, Birmingham, Bath, Durham, Leicester? They're very good for mathematics.

    I'm going through the same at the moment, though, as I'm going through the application process (deciding which universities to apply for) to do an astrophysics degree!

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