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Thread: organisms in stone

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    I found a rock the other day that looked rather interesting and when I looked at it through my microscope,
    I noticed some white spheres. On further examination, which included poking them with a surgical instrument, they exploded (burst) into a blood-like mass.
    I have only just started to look into these objects and therefore know very little at the moment, but would be grateful if someone could tell me what the spheres are.

    Many thanks

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    Are you able to post a photograph, or give a detailed description of the rock?

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    In addition to what Ophiolite is saying, maybe you could drop a bit of acid (even vinegar can make it) and tell us if it is reacting (foam).
    These objects are at the surface of the rock or inside the rock. If at the surface, it sounds you are playing with eggs of some insects or other small animal.
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