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Thread: anyone have any good book suggestions?

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    i'm really interested in all of this stuff and I wanted to know if you guys had any good recommendations. I'm interested in about everything. Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Health(Mainly sexual education), Religion(scientific study), political controversies, Evolution and stuff like that.. All help is appreciated. Thanks :]

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    I am currently reading "Cognition: Exploring the Science of the Mind" by Daniel Reisberg. This is a very interesting reading.
    Have you tried the Jared Diamond "trilogy":
    - "Guns, Germs and Steel"
    - "The Third Chimpazee"
    - "Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed"
    He also wrote a smaller one "Why Sex is fun"

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    all books mentioned above are great books, ive browsed through some of them before (guns, germs, and also i believe collapse) but u defintiely must checkout "The Road to Reality" by Roger Penrose. It's pretty difficult mathematical physics for the layman but u gotta love it!
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