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Thread: Apple vs. PC: The Great Computer Paradox?

  1. #1 Apple vs. PC: The Great Computer Paradox? 
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    Generally, people who own and use Apple computers who are former Windows-based PC owners say that the Apple platform is much better than the PC platform, yet PCs and Windows outsell Macs and Mac OS respectively by a wide margin.

    How can this apparent contradiction be explained?

    I have used PCs since 1993, and warts and all, they are great machines. I have used my PCs both as tools and as toys. I suppose the main reason I stick with PCs is because they are better for gaming than Macs are, or so people say. With recent games like Crysis 2 wowing gamers on their PCs, I have little desire to make the move to an Apple computer.

    I do understand, though, that Macs are more secure and stable than PCs. Graphic designers also love them I suppose because Macs are better for graphic design. I am a graphic designer, though, and my PCs work just fine for creating graphics.

    Is it all just a matter of personal preference?


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