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Thread: Is Something Like Us Possible Again?

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    Let's say humans go extinct within the next hundred thousand years. Is there enough time for another intelligence comparable to ours to evolve on the Earth? If so then is there any creatures existing today that would become a favourite to take over the top spot?

    I suppose we don't have to go extinct for another intelligent animal to evolve like us. When I say like us I mean the toolmaker philosopher scientist type. It doesn't necessarily need to be in our image. Certainly this new intelligence would rediscover the universe as we once did.

    Would such an animal need a humble beginning such as a one celled creature or come partially equipped like some of our closest surviving relatives? I'm not sure that if it is possible as to how long it could take. Maybe later, maybe sooner. Depending on when or if, would there be enough evidence left behind by us to actually help accelerate a new technological age?

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    I like Octopi.

    I was some of the mud that got to sit up and look around.
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    ...That should be made into a novel. Races of octopi, maybe dolphin, and primates (crows somewhat? They're smart) evolve to the rate of a primitive renaissance type society. The aquatic species specialize in philosophy, and the land species are able to experiment with combustion, flight and metals, and so develop science. They discover the ancient human structures, which they see as a god-like race capable of anything.
    Good ideas. Sounds like Mark Twain or Arthur Clarke, maybe Asimov.
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