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Thread: Just a crazy thought on the big bang

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    Well like i was saying its just a thought and i have no proper education in quantum theory so don't smack me too hard around the head for speaking such nonsense but im going to set this in my most defiantly lacking understanding of string theory and then move into a my even more lacking understanding of quantum world

    so all excuses out of the way could it not be possible that our universe emerged as "empty space" virtual particles started to come into being inside a universe infinitely small thus not allowing it the usual space for the kinetic energy to cancel out, the particles being infinitely compact lost all information only leaving energy as the universe expanded more and more particles were created until the point where the first real virtual particle could exists once that cancel out. just leaving the universe full of highly dense energy still not yet sparse enough to form the complicated particles which we see today.

    i wondered is that already the theory or am i just being un-educated i suppose its the same thing but if I'm even slightly on base then yay

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