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Thread: Need help making a personal quiz

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    I was wondering if you guys may know of a good place on the internet to make your own quiz?


    Question 1

    Answer one (+25 points)
    Answer two (-15 points)
    Answer three ( +5 points)

    Question 2 (Multiple choise)

    Answer one (-40 points)
    Answer two (+10 points)
    Answer three ( +15 points)
    Answer Four (+7 points)

    and a summary where you can write your answer depending on the point score of the one taking the test like if they get 80 points then (Blah blah blah!)

    The idea is to make a facebook quiz to see if girls want to check how compatible they are with me for the fun of it

    Like "Do you smoke?" "How often do you work out" "Which of these movies do you like" with a total score chart with text related to the points at the end.

    The problem is that i dont want a premade quiz, i want to decide myself how much weight each choise has.

    I googled around abit but to my surprise i couldnt find any that would allow customization to this degree

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    Try googling using the keyword template. There are plenty of free quiz templates available for downloading if that's what you're after.

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