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Thread: Opinions on NewScientist magazine

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    When I was 15 I used to think NewScientist magazine was a mature and intelligent journal on current science. Now I'm twice that age I think of it as tabloid semi-science which puts attention grabbing ahead of sober judgement and conclusions.

    Today under the 'mysteries of humans' they had altruism as a mystery-, citing 'the selfish gene' as evidence that scientists think people are selfish.
    I thought the book was precisely explaining how and why we ARE altruistic.

    Sorry for poisoning the well but what do others think of this magazine?

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    I think it is an excellent source of information about recent developments across a wide spectrum of disiciplines.

    Certainly it is written in an entertaining way and has attention grabbing article titles, and opening paragraphs with hooks are de rigeur. That is reasonable - they are a commercial enterprise. Editorially they make a serious effort to present a balanced view and are careful to cite sources.

    Their stand on ethical issues is admirable nd has been consistently so for decades.

    They have my vote: I vote with my bank card.

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