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Thread: Three-golden rules for u to level up in Warcraft super fast

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    A lot of people that play World of Warcraft soon find that it is a very tough game and just to get to a decent sort of level for your mount and to be able to join in with instances can be quite hard work. This article will give you some tips that you can use to level up fast in WOW and spill the beans on the secrets that the pros use.
    There is really no overwhelming secret to being able to level fast in WOW however once you have been through the entire game with one of your characters it does get somewhat easier.
    Here are 3 tips to help you level super fast:
    1. Make sure that when you start the game you get all the quests that are available to you and as a rule you will move onto the next area every 10 levels or so as a rule of thumb make sure you clear a whole area before moving on. The reason for this is because you do not want to be fighting beasts and humans well above your level unless you have a big group of you.
    2. Also make sure that you grind everywhere while on your way to different destination as this can make a difference with your leveling bar. Also the yellow colored beasts are worth killing because they do not attack you and for that reason you will not get many of them that add to you. They are worth a lot of experience though as they tend to be a few levels higher than most mobs around the same area.
    3. Another good tip is to make sure that you start doing the raids and instances as soon as you can. Normally you will have to wait till you are level 20 but is well worth taking the time to do this as you will get a lot of drops and weapons that you can use well above your level and they will give you that extra.
    If you follow the above tips then you should have no problems leveling up faster and if in doubt try to join a guild that can help you and also you should get use of the guild bank by doing this and you will be able to get far better equipment.
    I hope this article has helped show you that there is no secret to leveling in WOW except a lot of time put into the game and hope it helped you out.
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