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Thread: Extinct fresh water crabs

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    Very close to me is a story of a small lake that once contained an edible fresh water crab that it now extinct.

    "According to the survey done by the State Department of Game in 1947, Deep Lake is 17 feet (5.2 m) deep at its deepest part. It covers an area of 66.2 acres (268,000 m2), and has a water volume of 771 acre feet[2] (about 251 million gallons). It was once reportedly home to a rare species of freshwater crab as reported in the Miller Family diaries, which went extinct due to overfishing by new settlers coming from the east.

    Read more:"

    I wonder what the chance is that something remains of this crab, even if only left over body parts buried in the sediments at the bottom of the lake.

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