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    In the movie 'dream catcher', the friends when in childhood play a game in which they go to the jungle and find a ditch. Infact this concept is of a portal. Then in lord of the rings too there is a spidy portal. The person has to walk against gravity downwards without falling! And perhaps there are many worlds out there. The white castles portrayed in lord of rings movie seem like world war 1 nazi castles on other worlds! Everyone might had read about legacy of napolean bonaparte. And there is this unbelievable movie called 'when worlds collide'. I doubt it calling a science fiction movie, since the concepts are eye popping. V2 space ships, roller coaster and even a modern plasma flat tv in a 1955s jfk times movie! The clarity is unbelievable. So was there a unwritten science world way back in napolean bonaparte 1500 a.d.? And the modern day we see and study only some remnants of 1500 a.d.! So is there a space colony dated 500 years old on some far away galaxy?

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