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    I live in the unknown.

    A few weeks back I cracked, because I knew everything.
    A few weeks back I knew what exactly to do, I knew what exactly to think, and I knew everything.
    A few weeks back I ignored people who only knew some things, because I thought knowing some is never as good as knowing every...

    Today I know nothing.
    Today I know that I don't know anything, not even nothing.
    Today I want to borrow help from the people that know some things, to one day know what I want.

    Now I live in the unknown.

    I love all that has to do with theorizing and beyond.
    And that is why I am going to switch from my biology program to a more generalized science program, and become active in this science forum. I don't think I can fight the uncertainties alone, and be useful to society with my current knowledge, so please help me understand this reality a little more so I can play around with the expensive lab equipment and help others play with them too.

    Thank you for reading.

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