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Thread: My Quest for $1,000,000

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    Hello everyone,

    I am on a quest. A quest for 1 million dollars.

    Things I know:

    -It may be overly-ambitions, but I don't give a ****
    -I only have a couple hundred dollars starting money
    -It's doable with the right ideas
    -I've got the drive

    Things I don't know:


    I'm asking you all on The Science Forum - how would you propose I do this? (Legal ways only, please)

    And, on a side-note, I'm not looking for a huge win-fall or anything along those lines. A couple hundred bucks here or there adds up quick. I've got a nice computer rig, and if I could use it to process random information for payment or something of that sort, I'm there.

    I need your help.

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    Get a university education in medical sciences or engineering. Go to work for a Fortune 500 company to get experience. Save a year's salary. Then start your own business.

    It will take time unless you have some marketable talent that puts you in a demanding niche (sports star, stunning voice, stunning good looks as a model, uncanny maths skills, musical savant, etc.).

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    I would invest everything in a super hot stock.
    "Kill them all and let God sort them out."

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    I'd use it for petty cons, but that crosses the legality issue
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    Get a bank account, compounded as often as possible, throw money in each paycheck and go about your life as per usual. Let interest accrue, (Not sure how old you are though so it may vary) by the time you're ready to retire you should have $1,000,000+.
    Always minimize the variables.

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    invent the one million dollar bill
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