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Thread: Scientific idea to reincarnation, thoughts?

  1. #1 Scientific idea to reincarnation, thoughts? 
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    I personally believe i have a perfectly valid idea for reincarnation and eternal life in a non religious way if just a few things possible but unproven by science so far holds true.

    Thing i think is important to mention before reading such a wall of text is that im in the "Rather the painfull truth over a soothing lie" kinda guy so im obviously not religious. And im not making up stuff because i want it to be true but because i rationally believe it is possible. Also my native language isnt english so im hoping my thoughts dont get lost in translation.

    Here goes...

    Lets say the universe is cyclic like in the big crunch. But most people would argue that once you die that person will never live again - well duh, our lives arent really "real" either but based on cause and effect. So all we really are is animate matter experiencing life in a present conscious form right? And sinse time cannot be perceived when not conscious there is only life so to speak.

    So aslong as determinism and the big crunch (Or other cyclic universe theories) both prove to be true we will always be aware, since you cant perceive time when dead it doesent matter if its 1 day or 9999999999 trillion years, for the individual it will be instant as when sleeping.

    One thing people fail to realize when thinking about consciousness is the uniqueness and sense of "self".

    Before you "Woke up" or "got into existence" or however you want to put it, you were NOTHING. Then you live. Then again NOTHING - but then people say you are dead permanently.

    Did the person you became in that life die? YES.
    Could you have become someone else? Did you have free will? NO. (If determinism = true)

    What im trying to say is that aslong as consciousness is a biproduct of life we will all experince it forever if the universe is cyclic as time does not exist for people who cant observe/perceive it (Inanimate matter)

    Also since energy cannot be created or destroyed all matter will eventuall be both inanimate and animate in a cyclic universe.

    Conclusion: We are giving our so called "Soul", "identity" and "Selves" to much credit, we are consciousness inhabiting animate matter experiencing life with no real control over it. Therefore who we are is IRELLEVANT - its physics! So you think you are special? Endlessly many people with that exact personality will probably allready have and will exist.

    Think of it this way, lets say your mind and a friend of yours were switched at birth. Do you really think youd be "yourself"? Lets say frank and bob switched minds at birth. They would still be raised as the EXACT same people! The only difference is that they would experience life as eachother so to speak.

    There, reincarnation through science.


    - Cyclic universe
    - Law of conservation of energy
    - Determinism

    Not Required:

    - Spirituall mumbo jumbo

    Ofcourse this also implies no free will, but because free will doesent exist doesent mean that what we feel isnt real. We still experience life through the bodies we awake in. Also im not sure i should mention this but, the idea that there is no good or evil or moral nihilism that is - also would be true with determinism in my opinion. Which would make sense, any pain or suffering spread through existence would be the same as doing it to yourself. What body youll experience next isnt a choise.

    So, any thoughts or comments?

    A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it. The truth is the truth even if nobody believes it. - David Stevens
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    The major flaw in this proposal (at least the biggest one I see but I am not the smartest person on the block), is that all of the evidence that I am aware of that we have discovered does not point to a cyclical universe. All of the evidence we have points to a linear universe, one that started with the big bang and will expand forever until everything breaks down and even protons decay.

    Could something come along and change our mind about a recycling universe that collapses and explodes again? Sure it could happen. Any theory could be overturned. It is however unlikely based on the current observations.

    Always minimize the variables.

    Semper Paratus
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    Interesting conjecture. Reminds me of Battlestar Galactica (all of this has happened before and will happen again).

    However, it is not a scientific theory because there is no conceivable way to test it.
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