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    Has anybody used this GPS navigation system for mobile phones nav4all? It should be something like TomTm... which reminds me to ask about impressions from it as well .. The thing is that nav4all is still in a trial period and i can download it for free, but... i don't have a gps receiver... and i'm not too eager to put money in it if after i'll be disappointed by all these mobile phone softwares.. Which leads to the key question - should i go for a conventional nav system (by conventional i understand the ones that stay in the car), or should i get a GPS receiver with bluetooth and count on those phone solutions...

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    I have heard positive reports on TomTom from several taxi drivers. That suggests it is a good system.

    I think you have to ask yourself what you hope to gain from your system. Write down a list of all the benefits and uses you hope to obtain, then assess both systems for their ability to deliver these.

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