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Thread: Duracopy waterproof paper and self adhesive label film

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    I have just come across a brilliant product on the market called Duracopy. I was looking for a paper to use outdoors or even indoors that can get wet but still be used. After ages of googling and ringing, I have a company in Perth that sells this paper. I can print my photos and info on it and go diving with this piece of paper. I have tried to tear it but can't. I can even write on it when wet. Yippee.... so happy to have found this.
    I am getting a sample of a self adhesive film that I can print on and also use.Its waterproof also if on a smooth board. Going to show friends this sample for their lab labels on bottles etc. I think this should work. According to sales person it odes. So we will see. Getting a sample is a great idea. Saves money if not the right product.

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    You registered to a science forum with the sole purpose of saying this?

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