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Thread: The two realms (The Unthinkable Thought / Realm of Mind)

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    E=mcc - we all agree on the statement. But what does it mean to have an equals sign in a statement that determines and describes that energy is mass (like electricity generated by nuclear power plants). What does it mean when the speed of light is a finite distance over time, a speed possible in spacetime. The two constituents of "the universe" (energymass and spacetime) are in the same equation.

    That reality is "one" we assume, it is as obvious as all senses describing the same reality, each one of the sensors (which like doors are bumped into from the outside).

    What bumps into the sensor? A photon. A particle, a quantum of light. It is a wave, it is spead out in space but its location is known to an approximation. It is unimagineable - what is an electron if it is a waveparticle and simultaneously what bumps into the sensor giving vision. Is it true that we see by light striking sensor, and the same light being impossible to see in imagination as a particlewave.

    As if our descriptions went to the very edge, touched the roof of knowledge but didn't go beneath the atom. The atom is a sphere, on atoms we can track electrons approximately perhaps imagining a tracking square. The atom's inside is the quantum, a place where uncertainty must be upheld to us, we can never know the position and velocity of a subatomic particle simultaneously hence we cannot cool hydrogen to a cold enough temperature to have all movement stand still, hence we know something about the quark-gluon plasma that inhabited everywhere in endless space 13.7 billion years ago. Energymass in spacetime. These two intertwined (E=mcc).

    There are two different realms. A realm of mind and an unthinkable realm that i do not set words to nor imaginations, for how could there be an observer observing energymassspacetime from afar, within spacetime and with spacetime between observer and "thing" observed?

    There is always separation, there is always observation. Yet E=mcc, reality is one.

    These two statements seem incompatible but neither fail. I exist can be deduced like so: "if i was being fooled by an allmighty demon i would nevertheless be thinking: Being fooled is Thinking, being fooled requires an I to exist and be fooled". Thinker and thought exists, separation exists.

    Separation exists not! Reality is one, all is part of it, even spacetime. E=mcc.

    The unthinkable thought for the realm of mind: the mind of a primate is a layered structure shaped by evolution, it collects conclusions previous conclusions intertwining into new. Layer upon layer building knowledge.

    The mind gives rise to the observer: the realm of mind. In which separation is, occurs, is permitted because it is self-claimed by the separator, separation is observation and observation is realm of mind (a mind-activity). Realm of mind observing realm of mind (i think and i am) is rom roming rom (realm of mind = rom).

    This explains existence, for existence to be with non-existence (energymass, all stuff and all movement to be with space the stuff occupies, the time the movement occurs through). E/m=c*c (c=distance/time, space/time).

    It cannot be imagined, that of which all is part, it is UNimagineable, "unthinkable" since no word neither can contain or be it. Yet it can be referred to, but not observed. The unthinkable thought is a suiting name, reminds us there is realm of mind in realm of mind, a shortcut would be to say "unthinkable rom".

    Realm of mind contains description, that description now explains why there is description (why there is a realm of mind). History, time. Our past stretches first to 100 years ago, the industrial revolution. Then 5000 years ago, the invent of written language. Then 200 000 years ago something, the invent of spoken language, before that our history gets vaguer but there were definitely bipedal (twolegged) scavanging primates who learnt to manipulate their environment and those with larger brains survived. Survival of the most surviving is the "force" which since reproduction (and hence death of some offspring) has driven life until today: i am my parent's offspring. Survivor in the survival of the most surviving.

    The SOMS (survival of most surviving, most referring to that it too is the number of offspring you get which matters) began when atoms combined into a shape that could reproduce, assemble molecules into a similar shape from the surrounding water (H2O-molecules). There were big organic molecules floating in the early earth oceans and between when the earth was molten (4.5 b years ago) and the oldest found fossiles (3.5 billion years ago) life arose as a reproducing, selfcopying, selfassembling shape of molecules. Survival of the most surviving until today.

    There were these molecules, a whole planet and the solar system it is part of in space as a collapsed gas cloud, collapsed because mass can pull from far away and the stronger the pull the more mass there is pulling. Gravity.

    The distance from sun to earth takes light 8 minutes to travel, the next closest star (the sun is a star) is 5 lightyears away (takes light 5 years). This is how stars in the night sky are distributed, far away, collapsed gas clouds. There are stars in all directions.

    The 100 billion stars of which the night sky's 1000 stars are part, including our sun as one of them, these 400 billion stars is a galaxy. It has a shape, the shape you would expect from there being gas clouds bigger than galaxies which collapse to form a disk-shaped structure with a super massive mass in the middle.

    There are galaxies. We have seen 100 billion of them and when we look far away we see old light, we have an edge to vision though no-one would say it ends there. The question is: what does the furthest away galaxy see? there are 3 possibilities:
    - it sees endless empty space or a brick wall in one direction and points toward the center of these 100 billion galaxies, at our cluster of 30 galaxies, and say "that's the center of it all".
    - we see far away in all directions, if a seemingly infant (we see old light) galaxy is in the direction where my nose is pointing, perhaps it sees the galaxies furthest away from me (behind me) in the opposite direction. Perhaps I see the back of my head far in front of me if i could see that far (if the speed of light was infinite).
    - or the furthest away galaxies see yet more galaxies, bringing us to the concept of infinity. infinite endless space. there are infinitely big numbers, we don't count to prove that fact. we can always add 1 more, give me the candidate for the largest number and i shall add 1 to it. This is the definition of infinity.

    If spacetime is infinite in every direction, and if energymass is splitting apart as shown in the picture of "the large scale structure", each galaxy from all other galaxies, no matter what galaxy you are born in you see galaxies flying apart in all directions. We see this.

    A galaxy is huge, we are as huge compared to an atom as a galaxy is to us. In fact the question is: what would i see if my eye was larger/smaller. The observer size matters.

    Now that we know it all is unthinkable, the final description is unreachable, the final conclusion, the goal of the mind, to realize that it cannot have an observation of it all (of reality, E=mcc is a description of it). Now we can paint a picture of it, absurd as it sounds though i suspect this is not the end of the story.

    Imagine an observer and separate from the observer, with spacetime between observer and object, a layered structure (not the conclusions of the mind this time). This layered structure has "layers of justification", each layer justifies the next. The lowest layer shows an atom, a sphere with its properties, its outer electron shell and us tracking the electrons as the waveparticles they are. An atom is a sphere, as the observer size grows we reach the second layer: the molecule. Observer size is represented on one of the tree axees of space. From up to down for example, it could be imagined as a pillar wide on top representing galaxies, then narrowing all the way to atoms and quarks.

    In the middle: us, a brain and a body. And by studying the very basics we can find our way from atoms to organs to body. Or galaxies to stars to body.

    And build a sizescale, a layered structure where each layer is an observer, shows an observer size so we see different observers simultaneously, an observer separate from them hence a loophole enabling us to see all our knowledge in one imagination. The sizescale evolves through time, this can either be imagined the galaxy moving as the atom moves, or many sizesscales next to eachother and a wave going through them lifting each layer of time up for a moment. Time-layers are also layers of justification: the past justifies the present and the present justifies the future.

    This explains it all, except why existence in spacetime? In empty vacuum of space in which E=mcc is true, just like 1=1, if a thing would be in that space that thing would indeed be the thing itself. It is a framework, it has properties. "Laws". And one law being E=mcc it pulls energymass into the equation. 13.7 billion years ago there was a quark-gluon plasma and galaxies were together, atom's hadnt formed yet and it all was not transparent. We could not be there, there were no atoms, not even space for light to flow through. Just the quantum forces of not letting us know the position and velocity of a particle if we had been there, this force keeping quarks and gluons from going too close together.

    Energymass comes as a sizescale, it behaves fundamentally and unexpectedly but still understandably different among the layers of observer size. It justifies, faster than the speed of light. In there somewhere, to us seemingly in the middle as we haven't gone beneath the quarks (floor of knowledge) and large scale structure (roof of knowledge). We are in the middle of the known sizescale and on our level of size: infinitely many galaxies.

    This justifies existence of a mind, of i and the world of energymass in which i live. A realm of mind in a robot of cells: the mind of a primate.

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