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Thread: Thoughts on genetically modified organisms/crops

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    I'm doing a paper on this topic. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts on genetically modified organisms/crops. If you could, just few words would be find too.

    1. How often do you have corns or soybeans or cotton seed oil or foods containing these ingredients (such as corn cereal, corn chips, cake/pancake mix, granola bars, taco, veggie burger/regular burger, tortilla chips, hotdogs)?

    2. Have you had gastrointestinal or cardiac problems?

    3. Do you know if you have family history of gastrointestinal or cardiac problems?

    4. If your favourite foods have "genetically modified" labels on them, would you still purchase them?

    5. What is your thought on genetically modified food?

    I know some questions might be sensitive, but this would really important and help me a lot.
    Thanks for the help.

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