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    i always wondered this, and i wanted to hear from the rest of you

    how many hours does a regular teenager study a day? and how many did you? i myself study around 5~6 hours a day. im not sure about the others, if i ask my friends at school, they will always say "i never study" and i know this is nothing more than a plain deceit.

    Thank you in advance .


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    It depends what you mean by study. I attend all my lessons and do most of the work for them, but when I get home I don't really do anything you could call studying.

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    also depends on what you call a regular student
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    Really, it depends.... If you ask me, although I am an excellent student, I don't study very much. I don't study every day, just when there's something new to memorize. And even then, about an hour, more that that only if I have an exam in Mathematics.
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    The advise I have given students is to get into the habit of working 40 to 50 hours per week, because that is what you will need to do the rest of your life, at a minimum. That work includes your normal 'school' time, whatever level of 'school' you are at.

    40 hours per week minimum for most of the year, and 50 for special study leading up to exams.
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