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Thread: Biorhythm - Music and the Body - Open Call

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    BIORHYTHM: Music and the Body
    Call for proposals

    Calling all experimental musicians, musical neuroscientists, sound
    artists, cyborg performers, dance-floor divas and harmonic engineers…

    Science Gallery [] at Trinity College Dublin is currently developing a major new exhibition and event and workshop series entitled BIORHYTHM: Music and the Body and we are seeking your proposals for gallery installations, experiments, events, workshops and performances for inclusion. We will consider both proposals for projects within the Science Gallery building and offsite or roaming projects. Some funding is available to support projects, but projects which can bring other sources of support are welcomed.

    How does the body respond to music? Is there a neuroscience of dance? Is there a formula for the perfect hit? Why does a minor cord sound sad? How does a DJ manipulate the emotions of a crowd?

    Music, rhythms, melodies, voices, and the noises of the world around us are constantly with us, but why do we sing and dance, write sad tunes, whistle, tap our feet, cry, laugh, love and hate music? Manipulating sound is a fundamental part of almost every culture around the world, but what drives it? Tradition? Culture? Genetics? And what sounds can our physical bodies or brains create?

    The Science Gallery wants to take a close-up and personal look at all these and many
    other questions around how we respond to, interact with and create music and sound. Our goal is to explore how art and science help us interpret, understand and enjoy the sounds of the 21st century. We are looking for participative experiences and experiments for the public as well as stand-alone performances.

    Science Gallery wants the creation of BIORHYTHM to draw on the diverse research, and artistic exploration currently taking place in sound. Moreover, through diverse and unlikely collaborations the exhibition will generate completely new and unique experiences in sound, qualitative enjoyment and quantitative research in science.
    Examples of areas that Science Gallery wants to get under the skin of include...

    The physiology and neuroscience of music and dance

    Sound and hearing – enhanced hearing

    The neuroscience of music

    Using the body as a musical instrument – from the vocal chords to human beatboxing

    How our aural system and how we experience the world as sound

    Music as a survival mechanism contributing to human evolution

    Creating communal visual soundscapes

    Music and the emotions – why does certain music frighten us or make us feel elated

    How hearing affects the other senses, synaesthesia

    The difference between music and noise

    White noise and infrasonics

    Therapeutic effects of music

    Running for three months [2 July – 1 October, 2010], BIORHYTHM will also include special live performances, innovative installations, unique physical and mental experiences, high-profile talks, discussions and debates, and other musical and biological events web-focused interactions, games and truly collaborative experience. Submitted projects will be evaluated on criteria including: relevance to the theme [music and the body], science/technology interest, artistic interest, potential to engage a broad public with the exhibition theme, track record of the participants, costs and ability to deliver the project.

    Each project needs to delivered within a maximum budget of up to 7k, however a higher budget may be made available in exceptional circumstances. Previously, many participating artists have secured financial support from local arts/government sources or funding bodies. Science Gallery is happy to help with letters of support if needed. We are also looking for digital proposals. If your idea is a web-based or mobile phone app., or can be reworked digitally, then let us know.

    Science Gallery will include works, experiments and ideas created in response to this
    call and integrate them into the exhibition. Submissions must be received no later
    than Tuesday March 30 2010 to be considered for inclusion. Science Gallery will
    contact those selected for inclusion by Friday April 9 2010.

    To submit your proposal and find more information please use the form on the BIORHYTHM website -

    Looking for collaborators? If you have a great idea for an installation, performance or
    workshop but are seeking a musical or scientific collaborator to make it happen post it on the BIORHYTHM forum -

    And sound out others. Please forward this e-mail and the web link to others you think might be interested in what makes us slaves to the rhythm!

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    We are also collecting ideas through our online collaborative brainstroming space at Mindmeister.

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    Just a reminder, one week to the submission deadline (Tuesday the 30th March).

    Make a submission and spread the word.
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    and you, my friend, are coming quite close to the spam deadline
    "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." (Philip K. Dick)
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