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    Hello all I am calling for your help, I am 14 and love science in particular physics especially quantum physics. I apparently am the only one in the area were i live to like physics much less understand them, even the physics teacher at my high school doesn't understand what i'm talking about and he teaches the seniors. I understood the M theory in fifth grade and soon after learning about physics from the book i learned the m theory form i began reading about physics and chemistry as much as possible, my favorites were Einsteins special and general theory's of relativity. In seventh grade i theorized that time is a fourth dimension and several other thing that go along with that only to discover Einstein had already discovered this which made me happy because i figured something that awesome out but angry because it had already been done. I'm not lying and i know some will not believe me so be it, but i'm not trying to brag i just want your help. I need someone i can talk to about physics so please help me.

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    Hello and welcome.

    Just go ahead and ask your questions, you'll find a lot of knowledgeable and helpful people here.

    Looking forward,

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    then... Go to the physics section...
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