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    Wasn't sure if this belonged in Biology or not.

    Anyway. I've recently discovered my sisters rabbit is male. We have always thought was female. We never saw any sign of the external male reproductive organs. (Penis, genitals)

    But today my sisters friends rabbit came over, and seeing as neither rabbit has seen another of their species since they were born, it was a pleasant surprise (sarcasm) to see the rabbits trying to mate.

    Today we saw the male reproductive organs for the first time and I don't know why. I read in my biology book about birds, and am wondering if a similar thing applies. My biology book states:

    The sex organs-which are internal in both sexes-often shrink in size when the birds are not breeding. As birds prepare to mate, the ovaries and testes grow larger until they reach functioning size.
    Is this similar with rabbits? Because when we bought our rabbit we checked to see what sex it was but couldn't determine anything. And my mother did some research too, and we still couldn't find out.


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    Duh, as an absolute ignorant about rabbits (but from my experience with young kitten), wouldn't be possible to tell that female rabbits have got two orifices? I kittne, tis si ahrd tot ell, actually, but oe cna't msitake a fmeale form a amle seen together as the female external traits are closer and the male traits are separated, although cat's penis is inside the body unelss when erected and the non-developed testicles of a kitten look pretty much the same as the vulva of the females... just the distance is different, and males got them apart whereas females got them together.

    Maybe rabbits got this same trait...?

    (Gender picking is hard, anyway. We also bought a "hetero" couple of budgies who turned to be both females (and one ended killing the other, suck!), as it takes some practice and luck to tell the gender of a budgerirar under 6 months...).

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