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Thread: The Cost ($$) Of Investing & Operating a Energy Plant?

  1. #1 The Cost ($$) Of Investing & Operating a Energy Plant? 
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    Well, lets talk mainly about fossil fuel since that's the most demanding energy source.

    How much does it cost to run a coal plant / gas plant / oil plant?

    I'm not sure but I want to know what the range is and then compare it to what it's doing to the environment / consumers.

    Thanks in advance. Yah it is a question about the range it costs.

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    There are too many variables unknown to help with your question. How many megawatts will they generate? What is their source of fossil fuels? Are they mining it themselves or purchasing it? What are their transportation costs? What are their labor costs? What are their processing costs? How much is the cost of their capital equipment? What state are they in, and what types of fees and taxes must they pay?

    You can at least learn more about the cost on the customer side of things here:

    Or, here's a good one:

    Otherwise, maybe you can find some traction here, or in the references section:

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