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Thread: The Fountain of Youth as Wellspring of Anguish

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    I am 25 years old, I'm 5'5 and I look young. I know that many would feel blessed to be this way. I do not. I feel that my very appearance and perception of behavior by coworkers undermines the person that I truly am inside.

    How I see myself:

    - mature
    - witty
    - smart
    - level-headed
    - wise to the ways of the world
    - understanding

    How others sometimes judge me:

    - childish (calling me "kiddo" even when younger...talking to me in a sing-song voice only an infant could tolerate *only happened once or twice but it still burns*)

    - aloof/immature (because I joke around and say random things a lot and because I'm always lost in a train of thought)

    - stupid ( because I'm often too distraught to form complete sentences when surrounded by people who I know don't want to listen to what I have to say anyway..also b/c I have broad shoulders and could pass for a football player)

    - corny (because they don't get the majority of my jokes..or because I get frustrated and give up on trying to make funny jokes)

    -naive (because they think I was born yesterday apparently..they say things like "one day when you experience *such and such life event* you'll understand", etc.)

    Also, when I get angry people laugh, which naturally only exacerbates my anger.

    That being said, many people treat me right. I'm glad that they do. But I am just getting sick and tired of idiots who refuse to get to know me and let me feel like an adult friend for ridiculous, vain, nonsensical, erroneous reasons. They're probably all republican, creationist, tea bagger member, way-of-the-master-loving, pat robertson worshipping, O magazine subscribing, health care bill destroying, rush limbaugh doting, horoscope buying, scott brown supporting, backwood, redneck bred fools.

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    I guess...

    You're hanging on others' opinions of you. They'll detect that. It's an uncanny sense we have, soon as you remove the sunglasses.

    If they're a-holes, they'll love it and abuse it. If they're good people, they'll feel uncomfortable both in sympathy, and ethically because they're made responsible for your feelings. However they resolve the dilemma will be unnatural and off the mark.

    So you want a detectably thick skin. I dunno another means to that than getting chewed up by life. I suppose you could push yourself through weird and shitty experiences. Sail around the world or work in a hospital.

    Or (bad advice) you could take prozac, that apparently renders people blithe to criticism.

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    I can perfectly relate to this situation Gottspieler

    Its extremely tiresome to be great among lesser beings and simpletons that dont understand you.

    The stereotype that brilliant men tend to like seclusion and act antisocial is for a pretty damn good reason.

    Among an intelligent crowd if you come with a witty joke or saying and its all a good laugh. But with a stupid crowd? You look stupid yourself because they are to dumb to understand. I also consider myself very mature but act extremely childish in the way i say things and act. People called me childish in the past and what happens when a real situation arises? Yeah thats right, others always act extremely immature in comparison while i maintain a rational demeanor.

    Daring to act childish is freedom, while "stupid" people tend to always act 100% as other people expect them to do and try hard to act mature. That they criticise you enough to make you post a thread like this shows that they hurt your ego or make you doubt yourself maybe? But dont let them get to you. Its hard to find likeminded induviduals the smarter you get.

    Its harder the wiser you get. For example in school i got a B instead of an A, and i asked "why?" and it turns out i didnt mention things that are so obviously you didnt even think of them! A perfect example of being "To smart" and this tend to happen with everything in life after a while.

    My advice is to just smile along and mostly ignore your coworkers and focus on your friends, or get new ones. Its lonely at the top and if you try to sink to their level they will only call you arrogant and condecending.

    PS: Love the title of your thread
    A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it. The truth is the truth even if nobody believes it. - David Stevens
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