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Thread: Impact of 4-chlorophenol contamination

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    The 4-chlorophenol-degrading strain, Arthrobacter chlorophenolicus A6L (chromosomally tagged with the firefly luciferase gene, luc) was inoculated into 4-chlorophenol-contaminated soil to assess the impact of bioaugmentation with a biodegrading strain on the indigenous microbiota. Simultaneously, the impact of 4-chlorophenol alone, or inoculation with A. chlorophenolicus into non-contaminated soil, was addressed. Using terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (T-RFLP) several significant changes were detected in community fingerprint patterns obtained from soil microcosms treated under the different conditions. The relative abundances of some populations, as judged by the relative intensity of terminal restriction fragments, were significantly impacted by either 4-chlorophenol, A. chlorophenolicus inoculation, or by a combination of both inoculation and 4-chlorophenol contamination. Some populations were significantly stimulated and others were significantly repressed when compared to control soil with no additions.

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