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Thread: Bilderbergs?

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    so how about them Bilderbergs?

    "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." - John Lennon
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    Builderberg members include powerful/influential people, and that no one heard of it until a few years ago shows that the mainstream media is not as free and independant as we are led to beleive (they do not report or underreport important issues and events).

    We dont know what's said in these meeting because they are secret, and theres no easy way to verify the theories that are thrown about their agenda. Some of what has been said sound bogus to me.

    The pumpous "Lord" Conrad Black attended a Builderberg conference and is in prison, so either he wasnt able to use his Builderberg influence to squeeze out of it (or maybe the B is like an Shakespearian royal court with double dealings and such).

    In any case, its evident that treaties like the SPP are negociated behind closed doors by the likes of those Builderbergers, with little democratic scrutiny, debate or vote.

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