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    The wind is a natural source of energy and power. Wind blows when the land gets heated up by the sun unevenly making the air just above the land, rise and expand. When the hot air above the land expands, its place is filled in by the heavier and cooler air above it. This makes the wind blow. So as long as the sun shines, the wind will continue to blow.

    The wind energy can be tapped with the help of wind turbines. The winds created as a result of the temperature difference flows over the blades of the Windmill or wind turbine to make it rotate. The rotating wind turbine helps in turning the generator that produces the electricity. The wind mill or turbine generates wind power by conversion of wind kinetic energy into mechanical.

    The wind energy industry has been growing at the rate of 28% a year for the past five years, and if growth trends continue at this pace as is expected, wind capacity will double about every three or four years. By 2010, the World Wind Energy Association expects 160GW of capacity to be installed worldwide, up from 73.9 GW at the end of 2006, implying an anticipated net growth rate of more than 21% per year. All this has led to a huge increase in the wind investments.

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