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    Besides elements for the sci-fi book I just finished and the one I just started, my queries into cosmology and quantum physics are also for a (hopefully) non-fiction animation project I’ve been toying with—it would be my first to be posted on YouTube. The idea came to me after watching Greene’s The Elegant Universe series (on the NOVA site:

    The purpose of the project is threefold:

    === First, an educational endeavor to dispel the common view of the atom as a solid, stable, multi-colored structure where the protons, neutrons and electrons are all about the same size, where electrons have solid rings running through them (representing their orbits), and where the distance between the nucleus and the electrons is about the width of the proton (as shown in this common image of an atom you see everywhere). I wanted to graphically illustrate the relative sizes of these and other subatomic particles (including so called strings and membranes) in a way that would give people a feel for their sizes as well as a feel for the vast amount of empty space at atomic and sub-atomic levels.

    === Secondly, for education, entertainment, and ‘wow factor’ I wanted to dramatically illustrate how much stranger science has become then fiction. I’ll do this by using two of quantum physics most bazaar theoretical interpretations and conjectures—one from the standard model and one from string theory (or perhaps m-theory?)—the Many Worlds Interpretation and brane universes (or worlds?)… especially if I could show that one or both of these separate universes (or worlds?) existed in the empty space we have at the quantum level (i.e. right here, all around us, and within us)!

    === Thirdly, because I love science, and the entire end to end process of creating 3D animation

    Again these ideas were based on what I saw in Brian Greene’s 3 hour video ‘The Elegant Universe’ ( As Greene did, I’d state that these are radical extents of interpretations and, that string theory, despite X number of years, all the publicity, and the level of interest in the scientific community, is still completely untested… existing only on (and perhaps within) paper. Of course producing all the fantastic special effects is what I live for!

    At first I had a collaborator—a physics major attending UCSD but she backed out due to class loads and other commitments so… I’m looking into doing it on my own. I have a fully equipped 3D animation studio and am capable of creating almost anything I can imagine. I’ve been a cosmology/quantum physics hobbyist all my life (well… around my job as a systems programmer/SW designer which I retired from in 2001). Admittedly, my science ‘hobbies’ fell off in 2001 when I put together my studio took two years of animation classes so, I’m behind but, I have been cramming down videos and audio lectures for 4 or 5 months now.

    So, that’s it. Does it sound like fun or what!


    Rusty Williamson
    3D Animator

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    Science is such a vast subject,that each day its having new inventions...
    A life in the world is to achieve something,the knowledge in science is the only way,It being so vast...

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