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    I put a electromagreto and electromagnetic device that measures magnetic energy then started calling in a spirit ghost the device worked and went up and then down when the spirit left.
    I also had friends and a cat who sensed the spirit that the Ouija board was calling and the cat's fur went up and it stood up facing no one to the wall and the cat had green eyes.
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    What were the controls used in this "experiment?" Did you do the same for a scrabble board, monopoly board, etc.? Did you cover the ouji board and the other boards with an opaque cloth or cover and invite third parties to take measurements without knowing which were controls & which was the ouiji board?

    What was the impetous for looking for magnetic radiation? What reasons would one have to believe a "ghost" or "spirit" would affect magnetic fields? How was your instrumentation utilized? Were your instruments home-made or manufactured? If the latter, what were the models/types? If the former, what where the materials utilized?

    What was the research question that the experiment was trying to answer? If the question was, "is the ouiji board a real means of communication with the 'spirit' world?" then there may be a better, more objective (and easier) experiment: put the ouiji board and all participants in a completely dark room. Have them ask questions with the lights on; record their answers. Then turn the lights off, rotate the board 180 degrees without telling the participants, and have them ask the same questions.

    If the experiment is conducted objectively, you'll find (consistent with similar experiments done by others) that the same answers appear, demonstrating that either 'spirits' can't see in the dark or that humans are influencing the outcome.

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