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Thread: Woodstock? Is it a big deal?

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    The Woodstock of the Souls - A Reflection on Woodstock on its 40th Anniversary

    What is so significant about this event that still generate so much interest after four decades? I was born a decade after Woodstock '69 and can only read or hear about the experience of the famous Woodstock music festival of love and peace.

    How did the organizers manage to pull a crowd of 400 000 hippies to Bethel, where the event was held at Max Yagur's farm? Such overwhelming response to a music festival is unique.

    I would think that the Vietnam war and its consequences have brought out generation of young people who wanted peace instead of violence and suffering, coupled with the ensemble of musicians that were slated to play at the festival made Woodstock'69 the way it was. But it maybe the 400 000 peaceful gathering of hippies were connected in a single point of feeling for love, peace and hope which made it successful, despite the lack of proper sanitation, food and other amenities. Woodstock

    I highly doubt that such event will ever take place in such number and intensity. Not unless everyone shares a single point of purpose.

    ~ One’s ultimate perfection depends on the development of all the members of society ~ Kabbalah
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