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    Time, I think, could be the type of production which is created alongside the resistance of matter, or a group of matter, against change. Change is environment. If masses of matter are resisting against a black hole, their environment can be imagined as the event horizon of gravitational collapsing. Time is (let’s say 10 billion years for this particular example) something that this group of mass produce as a result of their resistance. Time is one of the things that come out of this resistance, or interaction. It does not matter for our group of gasses how long ago their resistance was started after the big bang or start of existence. Because in their previous existence (before they became our 10 billion year old galaxy), they were part of different resistance scenario and they were existed within the realm of different time.

    In second step, now we can talk about the internal time of this galaxy. This is similar to the fact that each galaxy has an internal gravity, that becomes base for all matter within the system. Just as the same type of gravitational force (pulling) in a given galaxy is experienced in various strengths (it is different in the centre of Milky Way, as it is different on Sun, Earth, Moon or different for a jumping monkey), the by-product of same “time” element is experienced differently by agents, depending on their position within the galaxy. If there is no resistance, there is no time; more resistance more time. This is correct for light travelling in vacuum space. There is no resistance, light is the “lightest” form of matter, and for this, it can travel at the maximum speed in universe, or in other way of saying, “no form of matter can travel faster than time”. The speed of light becomes constant number in energy mass formula (E=mc2).

    But as soon as matter gains weight, it slows down, resistance starts, and time is produced. This is why different combinations can gain different time. Imagine there are a single cell that reflects light; and another one that reflects sound, it vibrates to certain frequency. Each of these cells has a life span, depending upon their resistance to its environment. So, their resistance gives them a certain time, which can not be longer than their main dependencies (planet, source of food, the atoms they are depending upon) unless the environment is changed. Let’s say that these two cells get together and create a simple metabolism which can reflect the light and sound at the same time. Their combination of new creature still lives more or less same time span as its parents. Yet the new creature can perform more things within the same time, because it can react two different elements (light and sound) of its environment at the same time. So time is dependent on environment, as much as its consumer agent. Take this creature to other planet, other galaxy system. If it survives there, that means it adapted itself to a new gravitational environment as much as its time production.

    Life is the good area to examine time, since each species, and the molecules of these species use it differently as much as similarly. The speed of, let’s say, a liver cell dying in bodies can be more or less same in many animals, because durability is similar. Brain calculates this rate, employ this cell for certain purpose and make the whole body system work. However, this is a proxy estimation and hope. In general, one or some of these cells may continue to survive within the possibility of their time consumption, they resist to listen to brain, and they get out of the calculation, they destroy the whole body, they become a cancer cell in the body. Time is something you harvest from your environment; it is not something that covers whole existence above universe like a fabric, or exterior to this universe. Your galaxy, planet, season, day or body can harvest time differently than other examples in other galaxies, just as gravity or light source. It depends on your position as well as your inner mechanism, and in human case depends on your civilization.
    All in all, time appears as a local and limitted phenomenon depending upon the environment: If you can create more resistant entity, you will gain (produce) more time in the universe, in other way of saying, time can be harvested through play of matter and forces. Just as energy, there are efficient ways of using time, as well as inefficient ways.

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    I don't have time to repoomd to this.

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    You just did.
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