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Thread: Will Human Errors always be around?

  1. #1 Will Human Errors always be around? 
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    This is the news from BBC:

    "Anger over wrong embryo blunder
    A couple have spoken of their shock after an IVF clinic mix-up led to their last embryo being wrongly implanted into another patient… A trainee embryologist took the wrong embryo from the incubator. "

    You have science and technology doing quite well… However, you can do nothing about the fact that a human being will handle all these tools and will make a mistake. One can not imagine such an elementary error, especially when we are considering a system of highly sophisticated, microscopic level sensitivity required environment; think about it, papers, records, tests and everything. Strange, but it happens, and it looks like it will continue to happen for some time. Is it possible one day, we would confidently be able to say that our systems are free from human errors?

    P.S. This quest has nothing to do with experimental or educational "trial and error" method. Unintentional real human mistakes which become errors in the system, this is the topic.

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    I think mistakes will be made ever. We learn by running into errors. But I also think, well that's a little though to say now, human errors meaning catastrophic failures which kill lives by mistake or other devastating events are something, which was an error in itself.

    Since, for example, when human mankind was capable to build an airplane, a human being was never to pile drive the plane aground by making an error. Something like this goes not along; it's not jibe. Either one was true, and I think the first of both statements. Something goes wrong there.


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