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Thread: Fancy taking part in mass participation soundscapes project?

  1. #1 Fancy taking part in mass participation soundscapes project? 
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    Hi The Science Forum members

    We’ve just started looking for people to take part in our ‘Sound Around You Project’. Basically it involves downloading some free software that consists of …

    i) a mobile phone application that lets you record and assess a selection of your daily soundscapes

    ii) a PC client that lets you analyse and upload your soundscape data to a server. Hence you’ll be able to hear your soundscapes and view your opinions as part of a global 3D map.

    The project is run by a team at the University of Salford, Uk and aims to provide in an intuitive, fun and enlightening way for members of the public to help uncover the key determining factors of sound environments that make us feel certain ways; such as happy, relaxed, productive, excited, sad, stressed, uneasy, etc. The results will help better inform planning and law.

    More at

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