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Thread: i need some help in what to major in

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    I'm going to be starting my third year of community college after this summer. I'm getting an associates degree in chemistry but i don't know what to get my bachelors in. I'll be going to Temple University. I'm pretty sure i narrowed it down to 3 choices, chemistry, biochemistry, or biophysics.

    The major classes i have under my belt so far are chem 1-2, physics 1, calc 1-2, and bio 1-2. I'm studying orgo and physics 2 over this summer. So far i got all A's in these courses except 2 b+ in chem 1 and 2. i find calc to be pretty straightforward. I plan on also taking orgo 2, calc 3, diff eq, and either biochem or linear algebra.

    I find physics pretty interesting but its really tough and if i major in it, I don't think I'll be able to handle the higher level courses. I find bio interesting but not as much as chem so i don't see myself majoring in bio. I also want to get a good paying job after i graduate with a B.S. I'll probably end up getting a masters degree but first i have to decide on what i want to learn. Help me out here with what I should major in.

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    They sound equally boring, so just pick one randomly.

    "Kill them all and let God sort them out."

    - Arnaud Amalric
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    Think about the thing that you'll be able to do in the 3 majorings. FInd one that give you the most and longest satisfaction and the one that you will certainly won't regret choosing. If you still can't determine which one, then try to dig in deeper with your lecturers. Listen to each of them without any biasness and ask them if they feel you're suited to the jobs the majoring offers. Keep your mind on the right track. Do that and you'll be fine then.

    Good luck.
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