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    Well, i have been thinking of a way to stop a lot of the world’s conflicts, and I have came up with one solution:

    A chip, inserted into the skin for GPS and other features. With the right amount of control we can stop nearly all types of crime. The chip can locate lost children, track the positions of people during the times of murders, and maybe give information about ones health. There are a couple of problems though, the government might become overpowered with such a chip like this, this is probably why it has not been effectively produced and distributed already.

    Another fault of this idea is religion, the Christian religion in particular. Many Christians believe in the "Mark of the Beast" which in apocalyptic times, will determine the fate of ones soul. Some people might think that the chip would be the mark of the beast[All information based on the books, Left Behind (lol)].

    What do you think of this, and money would not be a problem, because it could limit the number of people in jail, and the chip would be alot cheaper than it is to keep 1 convict in jail.

    What do you think?

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