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Thread: Best videogame, or game series alike Metal Gear/Solid?

  1. #1 Best videogame, or game series alike Metal Gear/Solid? 
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    I've been wondering as to what other games there are with similar plots, comprised of conspiracies and twists, and a long path towards the end, equipped with tons of dialogue. So far, my favorites are as followed:

    MGS - the entire series, Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2. I haven't played MGS4 yet however, and... I'm tempted to purchase a PS3 for this one game.

    Devil may cry 3 and 1 (Definately the first game).
    Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Red alert
    Breakdown (Xbox)
    Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic
    Halo + Halo 2
    Half-life 1, 2 - EP1 and EP2

    (I guess this could be a post your list of favorite games that have a great storyline)

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    there are a crapload of games like that. My personal favorite game series would HAVE to be FF... Can't WAIT! for 13.

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