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Thread: Particles and the age of the universe

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    I was reading a little something today about proton decay detection. The article claimed that the proton decays about every 10>32 years, a little longer( a few trillion years or so) than the universe has been around. It got me thinking about the age of all particles. I don't know if this thought means anything, has any practical use, or is totally bogus, but its the way my head works.

    The universe is calculated to be 15-20 bullion years old and out of the primordial soup of the big bang that formed our universe came matter in many forms including the basic string (for M-theory enthusiasts). Out of that tempestual fireball partcles with mass were heated, accelerated, spun, and sent careening off each other into the void where some were slowed and became parts of massive objects or systems. Again more collisions, more heating, reacceleration ad infinitum. Things are little more stable now but its still going on.

    So I began thinking that every particle has aged at different rates and no 2 particles have aged exactly the same, relative to the big bang. Time is affected by mass and mass increases with velocity. The particles(with mass) of the universe affect time by their very presence. I don't think scientists can equate particle age the same way they calculate the universe's age by using the rate of expansion in reverse, so to speak. Yes every piece of matter has been here in some form since the big bang but each has aged differently when compared. Similar to the twin paradox, I don't think there is a single particle out there that has aged the same rate as the universe. If the big crunch ever happens the original parts are coming back with some younger than others.

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