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    Reality is Silence
    the Universe is its noise

    Silence is the quantum-gap.
    Noise is all around
    but none can enter this Reality,
    the quantum-gap, Silence.

    The quantum-gap filters noise into thoughts.

    The quantum-gap filters noise into thoughts
    the mind has for all its
    ignorance and knowledge
    order and chaos.

    The order is NOW
    and chaos is time.

    The quantum-gap filters the thoughts we call particles
    into the elements the universe needs for all its
    metals and non-metals
    chaos and order
    order and chaos.

    The order is Maya, Now
    the Chaos is Karma, time.

    I AM Untouchable, Complete and Content.

    I need no gods
    ‘cause I need no servants
    And if I needed servants
    I would still need no gods.

    I need no scriptures
    ‘cause I need no toilet paper
    And if I did need toilet paper
    I would still need no scriptures.

    I AM Silence
    that some call Samadhi
    but the gods call nothing
    even though I AM the EVERYTHING
    without which there is no noise
    I filter into thoughts, particles, toilet paper
    and gods.

    Reality is SILENCE
    this mind is its noise.

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