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Thread: Your associations ???

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    What associations do you have with someone working at a position higher than office manager?

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    Nepotism and high-performance. The high offices are, for the most, filled with the worst and the best. In general, they are overpayed for the work they do, but that's the way it works in the system. Nothing bad about, in my opinion.

    Can't blame the lion for eating one more gazelle than he really needs.

    Mr U

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    Well, I'm an Operation's Department supervisor where I work (which is a weird story unto itself).

    I tend to stay clear of most of my bosses. It's simpler that way. I go in, I do my job, I leave. I contact them (some are on call for emergencies) if I absolutely must, but they pay me to solve most problems, so I try not to.

    I note they do tend to fall into the two categories Mr. U says.
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