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    A lot of investors are temptingly looking at gold as Markets will tumble furthermore eating up all their 401, gold now trades at 1980 levels, “imagine buying today’s assets at 30 year ago prices!” But why has gold taken off again? The answer is quite simple, we all posses the instinct to protect and provide for ourselves, subconsciously we’re sensing something is very wrong with our financial markets and are hedging for our very survival. We are drawn to our ancestral belief in gold, a belief that its value cannot be printed away.

    WE believe that in the event of calamity gold could become the global currency of trade. It was at one time, but the dawn of capitalism ushered it away so that oppression and tyranny could continue to be manifested covertly. If every country still traded with gold, “how would one country convince another that their gold has more value?” And thus, take advantage of that countries raw materials or manual work force with out being seen as Imperialist. The paper currency took care of that, no one currency resembles another, this was necessary to fool the masses in that the ink being used in one denomination had more worth and value than another.

    Crushing resistance in the mind before it could ever take root. Clever!

    Be careful on how you venture into this commodity in these days. Some investors believe gold will keep moving to the up side as it catches up with inflation, example: $800/oz gold in 1980 is worth $2,100 today with added inflation therewith believing that this incentive will keep moving it to the upside when Markets hit the downside. Others prefer to compare it to cash, gold doesn’t earn any interest, when factoring the interest your cash earned from 1980 gold has even more upside to gain. Still others use a completely different chart, $300/oz gold in 1998 is worth $570/oz today with inflation and interest rate factored in, as you can see, it is overpriced.

    Whatever method you choose for your investing, 2 questions remain.

    [Q] Will gold keep rising?
    [A] For a while, fluffing prices are necessary in capitalist markets before fleecing.

    [Q] Can gold ever be accepted as a one world currency?
    [A] When men are equal and the Kingdom of Heaven has arrived, only then, we won’t need it!

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