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    Little mingming was a very cute boy who was only 10 months old,comes from Jiangsu province

    China. Because of the working, her morther ablactated him when he was 7 months old. And since

    then her parents fed him with milk powder. Because he is the singleton in his family, his

    parents cares about his garowing a lot. So when they choose the brand of the milk powder, they

    chose one of ,the most famous milk brand San Lu to fed their son. Buat they

    were terribly shocked and get angry when the Scandal of San Lu milk powder contamination was

    exposed. And they stoped to use their milk powder righy away. But they were worried abouy to

    use any other barand of milk powder. Because San lu was one of the best brand in China.

    Such as the Nike, Adidas, or Puma sportswear and shoes. If you bought a pair of shoes from a

    common website such as, even if there was some quality problems

    abouy, you won't worry abouy that. because it may be replica one. And such as another example,

    if you bohght a Rolex, or Omega,or Patek Philippe watch from a common site just like, that's ok. But if you bought these shoes and watches from

    everywhere and they were all have some quality problems, Then how would you think? I bet you

    will have the same feelings. Because in our conceptions, they are the best, they should have

    the best quality. When you find they are not as good as you expected someday suddendly, you

    will feel confuse and angry about that.And the San Lu accident is one of the similar things.

    More than 6,000 babies are sick, three have died and 150 have serious kidney failure after

    drinking milk powder that had been deliberately contaminated with melamine, a toxic substance

    used in plastics.

    The International Herald Tribune said police had confiscated 300 kilograms of suspected

    chemicals, including 222.5 kilograms of melamine, a chemical which is believed to have caused

    the deaths of three babies and left more than 6,200 sick. And Hebei police have arrested 12

    more people in connection with China's tainted milk scandal and detained the sacked chairwoman

    of the San Lu Group, part-owned by New Zealand's Fonterra. It is reported that a top local

    official in the northern city of Shijiazhuang, where San Lu is based, had also been sacked

    over the food safety crisis.

    Beijing has also cancelled all kinds of exemptions for inspections previously given to food

    producers.The head of China's quality control watchdog agency, Li Changjiang, said 5,000

    inspectors would be sent out nationwide to monitor companies after government testing showed

    that 20 per cent of the companies producing milk powder had dairy products with melamine.The

    chemical additive was at the centre of a pet food scandal in the United States in 2007. An

    estimated 1,500 dogs and cats died after ingesting a pet food ingredient manufactured in China

    that was laced with melamine.

    In a sign of the government's concern, Premier Wen Jiabao presided over a meeting of China's

    Cabinet to back plans for a national inspection of milk products, according to a notice on the

    government's website.

    We all belicve that this things wil be solving appropriately, but it do remind us to pay more

    attention on the security of food safety.

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