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Thread: Measure your Nanotechnology I.Q.!

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    For everyone who wants to test their knowledge in nanotechnology and advanced physics there is a new quiz in town! Visit, it’s not like any other quiz where you answer and win just points, the contest has 3 rounds, each week the questions are refreshed and there you can actually win multimedia scientific encyclopedias. You should try it once and who knows, you might become addicted :-D

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    I for one shall not be visiting your site Vilanaia until and unless I am assured that you were invited to place this promotion for your site in two threads on The Science Forum by the operator's of The Science Forum. Otherwise I have no intention of rewarding bad manners and a disregard for site rules.
    Affectionately as ever,

    PS You see, I can double post too.

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    Feel free to correct any false information, which unknown to me, may be included in my posts. (also - let this be a disclaimer)
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